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MUSIC CD's by Tanya Ray

Written by Kristene DiMarco  Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP)  All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

Written by Jasper Taylor & Tanya Ray

IT IS WELL  (CD Single)

1. Testimony

2. It Is Well

3. Prayer

Overcomer is an upbeat, fresh, inspirational, and encouraging song that is sure to be the spiritual jump start for those that may find themselves feeling defeated!  Tanya reminds the listener that because of Jesus Christ we have the victory and can claim the overcoming power that is available if you believe!  
- Jasper Taylor

On a daily basis we're asked "how are you?" What is the true answer from your heart?
Psalmist Tanya Ray shares a personal testimony of how the Holy Spirit will bring calm and peace in the midst of your greatest storm.  This worship anthem reminds you of the greatness of God. Your heart will be lifted and Your faith strengthened.  When the waves and wind of this life toss you about, you can be assured to know the waves and wind still know His name. Jesus!  Receive hope, strength and deliverance as you agree in prayer and  declare "IT IS WELL" with my soul.



This inspiring song is a gift and reminder to the listener to never give up and know that through Christ you are an OVERCOMER. No matter what challenges or obstacles you face. If you’re in a place of beginning, starting over, recovery or road to success you are an overcomer by Christ Jesus. Keep pressing on, speak it out loud and with purpose I Am an OVERCOMER!

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1. Overcomer

2. Overcomer - Extended